Thursday, April 4, 2013

When it feels like nothing ever changes...

There are seasons in life that feel like you are stuck. You're wanting something different. You want to be anywhere but where you are. It can feel like you are going to be in 'this place' forever. I recently read a book that said, 'learn to practice saying: "God I trust you."' Every time you experience doubt and discouragement, say it aloud. It will REALLY change your perspective and heart.

Also, stop saying; 'nothing has changed.' I used to say that too. There is power in our words. REAL TRUE power. Think about it, it is impossible for things not to change. You are not the same person right this moment that you were two hours ago. You did not wake up this morning the same as yesterday, it is physically impossible.

We are changing every single moment and God IS working in every single moment, at all times! Ban those words from your vocabulary. It will make a world of difference and you will begin to see the changes once your mind, heart and eyes are open to them. We can't see them because when we say: nothing changes--it blocks our brain from seeing or imagining any changes. We've created and accepted a reality of 'no change'. This has been my experience. Until God changed my perspective and point of view.

Once I started saying things have changed...I began to notice all kinds of change. Even if it is only in you--that is ok. It starts with you. THAT will affect change all around you and in everyone you know, love and have contact with. 

Change yourself, change your world!

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