Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sometimes you have to run Alone

I did a 10k this morning, I used to run regularly but haven't since last year...just walking. I'm out of "run" shape but NOT out of heart. I went to the race alone. No cheering squad and no one waiting for me at the finish line.

I had to walk...a lot. I couldn't run the whole thing. Naturally, I've got nothing but my thoughts...and time. I was sad to know there wouldn't be anyone waiting for me at the end. There was no one personally cheering me on.

I was running this race anyway. It was a fluke actually...unexpected. Someone just gave me the race entry the other day--I was unprepared but chose to do it.

You know--this pretty much sums up my life right now. Maybe yours too? We didn't PLAN to run this race we're in. We're running it alone. But guess, we, can run it alone. There's still a finish line. Maybe, most of us were out of shape too---out of spiritual shape, out of life shape and completely UNPREPARED for what this race entailed.

But guess, what? You are going to finish. No matter what...the path you're on HAS a finish line! It's ok if you are running it alone right now. I KNOW you don't want to be want that cheering squad and we ALL want someone special waiting for us at the end of the finish line too.

STAY in the race! Because we/you are IN it. You're running it right now so DON'T say 'you can't' because YOU ARE! Keeping pushing forward. If you keep pushing forward it will be impossible to NOT get to that finish line!

It's ok that you were unprepared...God has prepared you along the way and the longer you are in the race...the farther you are from the starting point...and closer to the end! Some people will be faster and more ahead of you...and some people will be slower and behind you. Press forward and encourage those behind you.

STAY in the race!!!
*I* will cheer you on! ♥

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  1. PJ Stevens8:49 AM

    Katy, we never run alone, even when it feels as if we are. God is ALWAYS with us. But, I do know the feeling of doing things on your own with no one on earth there with you. Congrats on your race! You still finished!!!


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