Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tune-Up Tuesday

What's going on today? Take a self-heart-check moment.

*~*Are you feeling overwhelmed with worry? Don't get too far ahead of yourself. God reminds us NOT to worry about tomorrow, cast our cares upon Him. HIS yoke is easy & HIS burden is light.

*~*Are you feeling overwhelmed with tasks? SO much to do on your own? Remember, you are NOT alone. God promises to never leave nor forsake you. Focus ONLY, right this moment, on doing the *next thing*. When that is complete, then again, do the NEXT thing.

*~*Are you overwhelmed with a jumble of thoughts, fears and emotions? Ask God to meet you right where you are at. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and make a choice to say: God I trust you. Ask God to show you the ROOT of the tornado swirling around your head.

Find ONE verse to meditate on this evening. ONE verse that God has brought to your mind. Repeat it. Chew on it. Hone in on what God wants you to notice about it.

What TRUTH is God speaking to your heart right now? GRAB it. HOLD on to it and do NOT let it go. It is your gift for today. Now say a prayer of THANKS for God's gift to you. Give thanks for as much as you can possibly think of to give thanks for.

Keep on keeping on Saints. Don't stop praying.

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