Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Advent for the Disorganized and Unprepared Momma

I know many families have lovely advent wreaths and celebrate Advent with lighting the appropriate colored candle each night that indicates which virtue is being focused on. I have heard adults share how some of their favorite Christmas memories were of lighting the candles, as children, of their Advent wreaths.

Yah, so that isn't happening in our family. I don't have a lovely wreath. I always forget to purchase the candles ahead of time and can't keep track of which virtue is supposed to be covered when. I've been known to use gold, striped candles, in my heavy-can-be-used-as-a-weapon-during-a-game-of-clue-wedding-gift-glass candle sticks, in a pinch.

That doesn't mean we still can't celebrate advent and focus on Christ during this season. We normally have candles lit during our evening prayer time anyway.

I have the book pictured above (you can get it for a steal from Amazon since it's so old). I let one of my children volunteer to read the passage of the day, after we sing along with a Christmas hymn via youtube.

We also read from this little book that I found and bought from the grocery store last year. It contains a short scripture passage or verse and then a coordinating prayer. It is divided into categories such as: Advent, blessings, busyness, children etc. We're just reading straight through, one page/prayer a day.

This is added to our normal prayer time together. I might also read from a Christmas novel or story book if I remember and we have time.

I go out of my way to make the ordinary moments special. They are special because I choose to call them special. We might have hot cocoa with a giant marshmallow and snuggle together on the love seat. Who am I kidding--that only happens if I remember and am extra aware. Normally, we are spread across the floor, gathered around the laptop while the 4yo is bullying the dog into snuggling with him. Sometimes we sing our Christmas carol and then watch an extra youtube video of a silly and fun Christmas song together.

For me, the point is to be together, taking the time to read extra scripture that focuses on the coming and birth of Christ. So there aren't much thrills and frills. Our bed *time* is ruined as none of us get to sleep 'on time' according to what I imagine is a 'decent' bed time, but I believe it is time well spent.

It doesn't have to look or feel perfect. It doesn't have to be fancy. All the hullabaloo is lovely and nice--it just doesn't seem to happen in our house. {the theme of our home seems to be: see, this is why we can't have nice things...} Whether it's picture perfect or you forget the camera to begin with--it's all grace. It still counts and it makes God happy when we enjoy our children and family, the way He enjoys us. Take the time. Slow down. Smile and enjoy each other. That is what matters most. Merry Christmas-time and Happy Advent!

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