Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Griefs of Christmas

The Christmas season, though often a season of restoration for many-is also a very grievous season. High rates of suicide, death, depression and disappointment.

When we truly look at the birth of Christ, it was not shiny, pretty or beautiful. I imagine it was nothing like what Mary ever dreamt her first labor and birth would be like...surrounded by animals, hay and manure. It was dirty, messy and ugly.

The first Christmas wasn't shiny and sparkly. It was bittersweet. When Christ was born, it wasn't just to give us a new festival or celebration. It was for HOPE! What was born that day, was the HOPE of the world.

We can feel disappointed and unfulfilled, as is also common at Christmas time. We can dance and praise God with grief, disappointment and sorrow. Knowing that nothing will fulfill us-nothing-but Christ alone.

What we Him alone.

It's meant to be that way, for nothing to ever satisfy, to be in a constant state of longing. Longing for Christ. Hope for tomorrow. Hope for better days. We only have hope when today isn't what we want, imagined or dreamed of. It's ok. Acknowledge the grief of today and embrace the hope for a better tomorrow.

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