Saturday, January 25, 2014

Need a Perspective Shift?

Break through and victory are NOT based on or determined by what you feel...BUT how you REACT to what you feel.

You can feel lonely, discouraged, sad, depressed...BUT the break through happens when you choose not to behave that way, not to take it out on someone else, or make rash decisions based on emotion.

When you realize this, you begin to make HEALTHY begin to break the dysfunctional and negative patterns of behavior in your live. Then you see and experience victory!!! Your eyes and heart are open to recognize it. You face adversity but it doesn't send you reeling, you face an upset but it doesn't 'ruin your entire day'. You walk in favor, believe you are an over comer. You behave and PRAY like it! Your focus changes from being inward--on what YOU want, and becomes outward focused, to serving others and desiring to glorify God above all else.

Heart Check
Do you need to change your focus right now?

Do you need to make a *different* choice, right in this moment?

One small shift, can change your entire destination!

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  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    This is very helpful and relevant to me right now. I appreciate the gentle reminder to check in and see one has stinking thinking. The challenge then is to change bad thinking habits. One to grow on.


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