Saturday, February 1, 2014

February comes...

It was super windy last night and I took a very long walk because I was upset over a misunderstanding. I felt hurt and dismissed...though I know none of it was intentional, it wasn't handled intentionally considerate either. I took a walk. It was very windy but it wasn't angry wind which I have experienced before too. At least it wasn't when I was out in it. It felt refreshing. This is the wind of change. Refreshing and cleansing, the breath of God.  I felt like a new person after that walk with God. I poured it all out to Him, the one in whom my soul is loved.

All is well and no offense is felt in my heart any more.

Today the kids and I took a walk and you would think after wind like that (which got much worse after I came home) there would be leaves and branches and debris all over but there wasn't! Everything looked clean. I don't think the wind was a destructive force or presence. I really think it was ushering in February.

And here we are.

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