Friday, February 14, 2014

Loving Others This Valentine's Day

No one and nothing is going to ruin my FAVORITE holiday! I am not wasting my time in no pity partay! lol

I was very intentional. I planned ahead...led and helped the children at church (including my own of course) create Valentine cards. Connected with the local convalescent center and they invited us to their Valentine party. We passed out the Valentines to those at the party, residents in their rooms and employees. Everyone was quite thankful and happy to receive a card.

There was a woman singing at the party...when we walked back in she says: 'Oh there are my back up dancers!' Haha! Well, OF COURSE, I took my cue! ktbunch and I, along with my other-mom friend and her two daughters, walked to the middle and started dancing! WootWoot!

Yes, it was a little awkward and out of our comfort zones (NOT the dancing part! haha). But there is ENOUGH love to go around. We know love is a VERB, an be GIVEN away not just to receive. There are enough hurting people in the world...I don't need to suck up any more energy BEING one of them.

We are Christians for goodness sakes. Its in our DNA to serve OTHERS! THIS is the direction I am taking my family. I AM their pack leader and will continue to lead them like this. Parents, moms and dads...we are SO powerful and influential in our children's lives...even MORE so in crisis or times of challenge and disappointment. (Oh & trust me, I do not boast in my own strength--if you met my ktbunch IRL--they are too kind but if pressed, they can list off my failures!  )

The supervisor was so friendly. She thanked us for coming and invited us back for St. Patrick's Day! There were a few 'visitors' there with their family members, but really...very little.

Am I a hero? Pshaw! Not by any means...It took very little energy or prep from my end. But a few smiling faces can go A LONG way!!! LIVE your Christian life by EXAMPLE! Be JOYFUL in affliction. SHOW others HOW to handle CRISIS! The JOY of the Lord will be your STRENGTH!

You want to BE LOVED...well then start giving it AWAY! LOVE until you are bankrupt! But we know, in Christ...we NEVER can be! HE replenishes. He restores. His love is never ending, never failing...His love NEVER fails! We can love BECAUSE He first loved us! GO get your LOVE ON!

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