Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sturtevant Falls hike

The first thought I had upon waking this morning was: I am going hiking. When I got back from dropping oldest off at work, the ktbunch told me my sister-in-love had called asking if I wanted to join them on a hike. That was pretty cool. My youngest brother had called her wanting to take the boys, my nephews. 

While the ktbunch went with their dad...I took off with my siblings & siblings in law. This hike culminates in a water fall too and I had never been here, that was a bonus.

The hike itself is not particularly challenging.What IS challenging is the asphalt road that leads down to the hiking trail. It's downhill going in, from the parking structure. Pretty steep and a bit long. That means, at the return of your hike, you have to climb the asphalt road back up. It began to make sense why there were so many benches along the beginning of this 'trail'.

Learning my lesson from the last hike (and life) I took, I paid more attention to the trail and less to the destination. Since it was Saturday, the trail had a lot more traffic than I like. Also, the head has numerous trail options, that were all more than a few miles long.

We crossed paths with a snake! EEK!

The trail itself is mostly shaded. In the 1920's a business man got the idea to create a cottage resort along this trail to meet the increasing demand, due to the  popularity of hiking. You can still see many of these cabins and cottages. A few are are in use with inhabitants and the rest look like  they may receive seasonal use of rangers or park employees.

I had a great day and really enjoyed this hike. Parking was a bear and require an 'adventure pass' (parking permit). The restrooms were disgusting...but I've been working out, holding I managed. haha.

I was glad there was a water feature and that it wasn't all brown but had color. Oh! And a lizard tried to run up my leg, as I was standing on a bridge. It took off running, right up onto my foot. I did a little scream and quick, crazy, hop, running off the bridge before he could get any higher than the top of my shoe!

I'd like to return with the ktbunch but I am not sure if the youngest could handle that last walk back up the hill.

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