Sunday, February 2, 2014

My First Super Bowl

For the first time EVER, I actually, well sort-of, WATCHED the Super Bowl. I hosted a 'party'...which means I set up lots of snacks on the table and invited friends over...that's enough to call it a party, right? I would have called it a party even if no one showed up. My kids and I can have our own parties, no guests needed.

I realized the reason I had never watched it before in all my adult years. We have been invited to friends homes in the past but I usually had a little one. I am not a big proponent of leaving young children unsupervised, especially when I am a guest at someone else's home. Often, while the adults were enjoying the game, I was left watching, at least my own small child....alone.  I felt left out for being a responsible parent. I don't think anyone wanted a young child interrupting their sports viewing and I didn't want my child alone in another room, left to his own devices.

My middle son was interested in the big game so I promised him I'd go all out and we could enjoy the game together. Maybe I should have hosted myself, years ago...but we never had the 'big' tv like my in-laws or our friends.

I got 'football' type snacks...or what I thought was football type snacks. Haha. Chips, mini-weenies, veggie tray with dip, more chips, salsa, guacamole, crackers, cheese, deli meats/cold cuts, fruit...that's game food right? A friend and her kids came by. We had fun talking and joking around. By half-time all the kids were bored and headed out to the back yard on the trampoline.

Not like I was into the game and yet, I was the one left watching it. I was disappointed in the commercials. I thought they would be better. I wasn't impressed. We were hoping to see Sam's commercial but alas...nope.

It was still fun all around. We had a great time. I love having people over but even if no one showed up, I like making days special for my kids and I. Here's hoping next year is just as fun or better...

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