Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

It was the day after the investigative interview. I was still reeling and felt pretty confused and depressed. Before I was even out of bed my daughter greeted me with a large gift bag containing a gift her dad, my estranged husband, had taken them to get for me. I immediately burst into tears.

Once again, I was only left with the same plaguing thought, How did we get here?

In less than 24 hours my husband had chosen to disown both our oldest son and myself on social media.

Any birthday plans I imagined I'd have, all went up in the air when the middles got a last minute call for an audition in Santa Monica. That was going to take a significant portion of our day just for the drive back. Oh well.

We had rehearsal that night and arrived late to a surprise shout of HAPPY BIRTHDAY from my cast mates. That filled my heart with warmth.

I fought not to get down. It's just a day, in the big scheme of things. Tears dry up quickly.

As I left to get oldest from work, a friend showed up at the same time bearing gifts! What a fabulous surprise. I was literally on my way out the door and there she was ready to knock. This isn't a friend I see very much, if at all, anymore but here she was. How special to know that God had laid it on her heart to remember me and bless me like this. We talked way too long, or I did at least, and she was kind enough to listen and understand.

Later, I sat on my couch, everyone finally in bed, reviewing the day when a message popped up on my social media account. Another friend wrote to tell me they left a gift on my porch for me. What!?! It was almost midnight too. How exciting is that? I jumped up, threw the door open to find a pot of fresh Easter Lillies, and a gift bag of goodness. This was another friend I don't see very often either. Again, God put me on her mind to bless.

Happy tears this time. Grateful tears. Tears of gratitude and love. My day had come full circle, starting and ending with tears, accompanied by opposing emotions.

In a dark time and space, God remembers us. He shows us His love for us. He created us in our mother's womb, hand could He ever forget our birthday?

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