Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Eaton Canyon, Pasadena

Adventure Kids!
We've been hiking to this trail before. You never know how much water there will be, if the falls will be flowing or if the creek bed will be dry. This trail can be rocky. There is a nature center and you can park there and start the hike. I prefer to drive past the nature center, into the surrounding neighborhood and start the hike from there.

I can't remember where it is exactly. I only know it from sight when I drive out there. If you talk to the docents at the nature center, they will give you a hiking map and you can sort of figure it out.
There are clean restrooms at the nature center and parking is also free though it fills quickly. 
You can park in the neighborhood for free. Either right in front of the fenced trail head if there is space--this is a popular hike and parking can fill up fast. Or you can park farther along in the neighborhood but watch for signs because some streets have no parking. 

The trail from the neighborhood starts with an asphalt slope with out any shade. Instead of crossing the bridge, you start making your way under it. It can be slippery but I saw an old grandma maneuver it.  

Adventure Moms
From there the trail is easy to follow. It requires a few creek crossings at times. Falling rocks are a real concern, be wise and aware. This is NOT a stroller friendly hike, due to the rocks. Child in a back pack is fine. My husband carried our little one that way once.

Hands free childhood.

Stay on the trail. There have been tragic accidents occurring mainly because hikers tried to scale the cliff sides and fell to their deaths. This hike can be very hot in the summer. Always check the weather before hand. It's not a short hike. The bed of the falls has little rocks which may be uncomfortable for bare feet. The water is cold but it's never stopped us from taking a dip or at least getting our feet wet. It's a nice end before the turn around.

Let them run ahead.

You want confident, healthy kids with strong character? Take them outside...the real outside! Where dirt, trees, rocks and streams are their playground.

Let them run ahead so they learn to lead.

Don't tell them the best way to cross the creek, so they learn to figure it out. 

Let them slip and fall, get their feet wet so they learn its ok to take chances and make mistakes.

Make them carry the weight of their own food...with extra to share.

Show them how to sit & slide down boulders when it's the safest way so they are comfortable with humility.

Take the opportunity while they're still willing to learn! 

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