Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Switzer Falls, Angeles National Forest

Let them be brave,  because they probably WON'T fall! And he didn't.

There are restrooms/vault toilets. Parking requires an Adventure Parking pass--$5 for one day. It's a lovely hike at first. 
This hike starts out cool, well it IS winter, isn't it? Ha.
It does get warm at times though, in full sun.
 There are also very narrow areas of the trail. Use caution and try to stay on the trail.

There are some spots that are confusing. We had to retrace steps at times.
View of the upper falls.
If you want to see the upper falls, you have to climb up the side of slanted, slippery rocks. I did flip flops...but I wouldn't recommend that for everyone.

Adventure Moms
The actual falls were just a puddle. I can only imagine what it may look like after spring rains...and when there isn't a drought. 

Sam at the top of the falls.

Some have shared stories of being able to slide down the falls into a pool of water. Well, that couldn't happen today since it was only a puddle at the base. 

Today's hike consisted of retracing steps, dead ends, serious inclines and narrow paths...having never been there before-the signs weren't very helpful, especially when you don't know what's a 'sign' or just a pipe sticking out of the dirt.

We met a friendly hiker who was familiar w the area...he turned us back in the right direction...and scratched an obvious mark in the ground farther along the trail, that we couldn't miss, pointing the way to our destination. 

There are many lost & trying to find the way, along the paths of one of the friendly ones, willing to leave directions, for those coming along behind you. 

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