Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

Again, we stayed close to home this Friday. We went to a familiar local spot, aka: Bolsa Chica Wetlands. It's known for it's variety of birds that frequent the area.

The walk is fairly easy with a wide and flat trail. Stroller friendly for sure.

There is a peak, after a fenced area and the 'river bed', where the trail narrows and you have to climb a few stairs. That area has lovely viewing areas with benches for relaxing and bird watching.

I saw a huge bird sail over so low and slowly, that I was too surprised to pull out my camera phone to snap a pic. Which, by the way, was on some mysterious setting that made all my pix blue, but I did not know until the end of the day when reviewing my pictures.

The trail hosts a few different options that can either shorten or lengthen your walk. I don't call it a hike since it's all fairly flat the entire way. There are signs warning of possible rattle snakes. We saw a lizard, lots of birds and I caught sight of a 'flying fish' jumping out of the water. I was amazed and told everyone, "Look!" By the time they turned around, the fish stopped jumping, of course.

I recommend this walk when you don't want to drive very far or aren't up for a  very strenuous hike. Also, it provides educational opportunities. There are large sign posts, describing the wild life that live and frequent the area, as well as descriptions of the native habitat.

It is out in the open with no shade. Wear a hat, sun block and protective clothing, especially for the little ones. Even if the temps are cool, it's very easy to get sun burned.
This walk wasn't exactly interesting for the kids but it was better than staying home. Being in the fresh air and sunshine was good for all of us. It's next to Pacific Coast Highway, so don't expect it to be quiet. The sounds of the 'city' are alive and well.

After our walk, we relaxed and ate a tailgate lunch from our cars. The parking lot is small but free. There are one or two porta-potties, but you know how that can go. I did not use them or check them out.

It was still nice to get out and get our bodies moving.

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