Sunday, February 22, 2015

And the Oscar Goes To...

It was that time of year again. We ditched night church {Gasp!} and stayed home to watch the 87th Academy Awards. I set the table, decorated, dressed  up, and created a photo booth. Everyday is special in this house...any reason to celebrate is a great reason to me!

Oscar Winning Menu:

Oscar Meyer hot dogs (of course!)
Red Vines
Veggie Egg Rolls
Carrot sticks
Tortilla Chips
Trail Mix
Left over Valentine Candy

These kids of mine are absolutely the best. The way they go along with all my shenanigans. I love them to pieces!!! They make my life so much more enjoyable and fun. Truly.
I found these photo props on clearance after New Years. I bought them specifically to use for this year's Oscar Viewing Soiree. 

Here is my faux mantle, all dressed up for the Academy Awards!

How we spent our commercial breaks.

I really do take the 'dressing up' part serious.

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