Saturday, February 28, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Sturtevant Falls

Sturtevant Falls
Definitely one of our most favorite hikes so far!

A pool at the base of one of the concrete walls.
This is one of the most beautiful hikes we've been on. The trail is wide which makes it semi-stroller-friendly...if you are using a sport or jogging stroller. The challenging part is the end of the hike, at the return. The trail starts downhill along an asphalt path. Which is a great warm-up to start, but not so great at the end, when you or your children may be tired.

The view is so relaxing. This trail is extremely popular. There are two parking lots, an upper and lower one that fills up quickly. There is some available parking along the road. All cars parked, in the lots or along the road require an Adventure Pass (parking pass), which cost $5. The lot was full when we arrive before noon on Friday.

This trail was extremely popular in the 1920's. In one year, at least 5000 hikers came through. At it's peak, cabins were built and rented out to nature lovers and enthusiasts. Those cabins are still there and offer a nostalgic view of the past, along the trail. Across the creek, a few cabins are still inhabited. 

This looks like an infinity pool.

The sounds of rushing water are soothing. There are few creek bed crossing that feel adventurous for the kids. There are concrete retaining walls along the creek route that create miniature water falls that trickle nicely. This spot has a few trail options to follow. We only took the trail to Sturtevant Falls and are planning to return next week to check out Hermit Falls.
Visitors should be aware there are two vault toilets at the base of the parking lot. They may be clean but the smell of sewer is absolutely overwhelming. I did not allow my children to touch anything and there is no where to wash hands. There is a drinking fountain though.

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