Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dinner On Me

Two individual dinner meals ready for delivery.
"Did you have a dinner break?" said my co-worker.
"Sort-of. I was going to cook but I remembered it's youth group tonight so I didn't because my kids eat at church on Wednesday nights," I replied.
"I wish I had a dinner break." she said.
"I would have brought you something, if I would have known." I said.
"I would pay for that!" she said.

Dinner On Me was born.

The next day I made a fabulous dinner of green chicken enchiladas, rice and beans and offered it to my co-worker. "What do I owe you?" she asked.

"This one's on me," I replied. On my way out the door, the front desk manager offered to purchase a plate. I walked the three minute walk home and the three minute walk back, to bring her a plate, making it my first official dinner sale.

The first co-worker loved her meal. She and I made arrangements for me to deliver her dinner 5 nights a week while she's working. The tutoring center hours are after school and often right through the dinner hour with out a break for the busiest tutors. This works out splendidly and is a win-win situation for both of us. I am getting PAID to provide affordable, home-cooked, delicious meals--which I would cook for my ktbunch anyway--and she gets to eat real food instead of snacks or fast food.

The remarkable thing is, I never considered myself much of a cook. On my honey-moon I tried to make the Mr, Hamburger Helper (and I did it wrong) because that's what I grew up with and thought *dinners* were. When there were meal delivery sign-ups at church for the new moms, I always declined for fear of my kitchen inadequacy.

I do love to bake and there was a time I thought of offering my home-made-from-scratch pies and baked goods for sale and was told, "No one wants your pies!" I realize now, the comment really had nothing to do with me personally. Considering the source, the individual was speaking from their own place of fear and bitterness. It certainly wasn't encouraging though and I quickly gave up my idea.

I think of this as another point in time, coming full circle. I feel like the Lord is rebuilding me, into a person of wholeness, one redeeming moment at a time.

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