Saturday, March 14, 2015

Day Trip to Big Bear Lake

It was a gorgeous day so I thought,  'Why not?' 

Yes, there were chores to do, work to get caught up on...but why waste a day inside when we could be outdoors? 

On a whim I suggested it to oldest and invited his girlfriend to come along. It seemed like a great idea at 11:00 1:00 pm we were all in the car and on our way. Yah, two hours later.

The drive wasn't bad. We arrived and were happy to see a few spots of snow still on the ground. Who am I kidding? Kurtis, the 5yo, was ecstatic! One of his life dreams this year was to see snow and I was the one to take him.

It wasn't cold at all. It was wonderful weather. There were bits of snow right along the beach of the lake, in the shade of boulders of course. We didn't even need sweatshirts or jackets, it was comfortably warm.

It was a great day to be outdoors. The kids were able to experience making snow balls with their bare hands--yes, that was definitely cold. haha.

It was strange to have snow on the sand of the beach, at the same time. THIS is the type of snow day this Southern California girl could handle. 

Sam made the first snow ball! We ate the lunch we brought with us at Boulder Park, Big Bear Lake. It's a lovely setting and there were plenty of people enjoying the views and the park.

And this is what it looks like when I try to take a groupie with the timer! Seriously. There were other people waiting so I felt pressured. But hey! This IS the real us.

It was such a warm day, of course I was wearing flip flops. I am a Southern California girl, after all. This is a snow day I can handle!

After eating lunch, we spent the afternoon walking along the main strip of Big Bear Village. I bought the kiddos each an ice cream and we window shopped and enjoyed being away from home for a little while.

We pulled over to the side of the road on our way down the mountain so the kids and Kurtis specifically could play in the snow. A snow ball fight ensued. He loved it. The temperature was dropping quickly, we were on the shady side, so I waited in the van while they played. Haha.

It was still warmer at home, when we returned in the evening, then when we were leaving the mountain.

I'd like to go back soon, as Kurtis really wanted to see the museum and the zoo but they were closed by the time we found where they were located.

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