Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Fullerton Loop/Hitscher Trail

This is an interesting trail...kid AND stroller friendly. The trail is for pedestrians, bikes and horses. It's a suburban trail nestled in between residences on both sides but lots of trees & brush makes if feel like a secret, woodsy get-a-way in suburbia, at times. There are also a few horse properties so you might see (& hear) a few roosters, chickens, and horses along with gorgeous back yard gardens and pools. There is shade and sun...A LOT of sun. 

There is a sweet little 'Garden of Weeden' at a fork in the road, it has a drinking fountain for humans and dogs with a request to empty the dog bowl into the plants when finished. The trail IS dog friendly, on a leash. {From the parking lot, approaching this drinking fountain--we went LEFT which is the Hitscher Trail specifically, but the *loop* continues straight}

BEWARE of the mountain bikers. They come ZOOMING up with out warning like they OWN the place. Really. It can be scary for a parent w/ a younger one that is walking independently. A few bikes passed us & NOT ONE warned us they were approaching, nor did they slow down at all. 

Today's hiking crew.

Directions on YELP for "FULLERTON LOOP" have you parking in a city parking lot, via Downtown Fullerton. BUT you can also access the HITSCHER TRAIL area via Histscher trail road and shorten the walk. YELP reviewers clock the full trail anywhere from 7-11+ miles. We only did about 2 or so miles because we turned around & it was blazing hot!!!

Trail is wide & flat. IN places it forks to the other side into a narrow path but the same trail. There is also a sweet little bridge at one point. You must cross a FEW residential streets at the end of each trail segment, to continue the trail. 

Healthy mind, body and spirit.
This is a great walk for strollers, children, family and not a very far drive for locals.

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