Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Hermit Falls

We headed back to Chantry Flats, like last week. This time we were took the Hermit Falls trails.

The Hiking Crew

Oh and guess what? I found out there are REAL bathrooms at the TOP level of parking. 2 levels require the Adventure Pass ($5) the uppermost parking level is privately owned property and you have to pay the owner individually. FYI.
Proverbs 3:17 NIV Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace.

You still head down the asphalt path and around an early right bend, there is a small sign indicating the trail to Hermit Falls. It's shorter, sign says 1.2 miles BUT it felt longer. It's NOT flat. It's very narrow in places. I would recommend little ones in a back pack rather than a stroller. A stroller would be precarious.

This trail is in MORE sun than Sturtevant's. You will get HOT if the day is warm. It is up and down....mostly UP on the return! You will pass 2 man-made falls caused by retaining walls. These are still nice to look at. You will have to cross one, as the trail continues on the other side, past a few privately owned cabins with residents. 

The actual falls is nestled between large rocks/boulders. It can get deep enough to swim and for the adventurous, JUMP into. It would feel STRESSFUL if you had mobile little ones, as there is real risk of them running & falling in or off the edge, honestly. 

The trail ground itself isn't too rocky, only a bit in spots. The reviews on YELP claim lots of trash & graffiti at these falls. We DID see graffiti on the boulders, sadly, but only a few water bottles, at least on a Friday afternoon. I expect on the weekends, it would be packed or busier. 

You have NO idea how much I look forward to these hikes every Friday. I love nature and love being out in it. Out in the real woods and water and rocks. It makes me feel like I can breathe and rest after and before these long and busy weeks. I consider this a form of personal therapy, honestly.
I am so grateful for these opportunities to live fairly near to such lovely places. 

Healthy body, mind, spirit!
This is exactly how I feel!

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