Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Big Dance: Masquerade Ball

Helping my favorite girl get all dolled up. 
Yes, actually, home schoolers do occasionally attend real dances, if they are so inclined. My oldest attended a dance when he was in high school with the same local tween/teen home-school social group. This wasn't the middles first dance. They attended a costume party dance last fall with this same group. They don't really know anyone {that's why they invite friends} but they enjoy having fun and dancing all together.  

The theme was: Masquerade Ball. Sounds fancy but we're talking teens here! They did wear masks and dressed up. I was a bit shocked when I finally saw Birdy all ready. I mean, she's 12!!! She wanted to wear her high top chucks but they are purple with unicorns, naturally they wouldn't match. I suggested a pair of low pumps of mine. Once I saw her, I sort of wished I would have left her alone with the tennis shoes so she'd still look 12. Haha.

Mothers and daughters.
My niece, their paternal cousin went with them again. She wore chucks. 

Ready to enter the dance hall!
Here they are, siblings, cousins and friends. They had fun. They are good kids. I feel proud that they are even willing to step out of a comfort zone, to attend an event where they wouldn't really know anyone, and be joiners. I know not everyone would agree with kids attending dances...unless it's cotillion. Oh well.
While they were dancing the night away, I took a mommy date with youngest, like last time. We went to Knott's, ate dinner and went on a few rides. He was SO excited to say we were going on a date. Right before we left for the evening, he proudly, told his little neighbor friend, "I have to go. I'm going on a date with my mom!"

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