Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter, Medieval Times and Goodbye for Now!

My youngest's birthday also fell on Easter Sunday this year and for the third year in a row, my oldest was leaving to the Philippines for a short term mission. It was a full day ahead but I couldn't help but at least make myself a new dress...Sunday morning right before church!

Oldest was preaching and started his message by blessing and speaking into the heart of youngest in honor of his birthday. It was the sweetest thing ever!

This seems to be how our family pictures go lately. I take what I can. haha.

For the afternoon celebrations, we surprised Kurtis with tickets to Medieval Times, dinner and show. Out of the blue, a few weeks ago he said he wanted to go. I wasn't sure if I could afford it, but being the frugal mom I am, I searched the internet for a deal and found a great discount.

I indulged him a little by purchasing an extra knighting package-the king knights him in front of everyone and announces his birthday during the show.

It was a splurge, but that's what birthdays are for right?
In between the time oldest needed to be at the airport and our celebrations at Medieval Times...we didn't do much but lounge around the house waiting. So I made a quick photo opp with free photo prop printables I found online and a green checkered piece of fabric.

It was a fun way to kill some time and capture a few Easter memories.

It was finally time to say goodbye. For the third year in a row, we drove to LAX-Tom Bradley International Airport to see oldest off to a short term mission trip in the Philippines.

Though I am used to it, I did feel a bit weepy this time.

I knew we weren't really saying goodbye...but it always requires some sort of faith and trust in God anyway. I never truly know what God may be asking of us. Often, He does ask His people to let go, in unexpected ways.

In trust I say, "See you soon son."

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