Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Hike Day: San Antonio Falls-Mt. Baldy

Adventure Moms!

NOT stroller friendly. Parking requires Adventure Pass ($5 for one day use/$30 for year). Porta Potties--clean when we went. Trail head gives info and there are a lot of different hiking trails. Temp feels cooler than home--like being *in the mountains* BUT trail to falls is full sun and you will warm up quickly.

San Antonio Falls

Very SHORT hike to the *falls*. Trail is rocky-hence--> NO strollers. You can carry a babe in a back pack. There is one part of the trail that requires caution--very narrow section of trail--requires hand holding for the little ones for sure. Dogs allowed (please keep on leash!).

Hiking Crew-3 Adventure Moms + 13 Adventure Kids

NO pool at the falls, it pours into a rocky ground and creek. The falls is about 100 ft and gorgeous. Enough for splashing and you can get right up to it for a pic. You can stop there, picnic and relax (that's what we did after the 7hr hike from *last* week. haha).

Good for relaxing, semi-visual interest, dry and, rocky, creek, rocks, etc. Mostly grey and tan, little green. The drive is way longer than the trail. Winding mountain road. Only about 20-30 min on the 605 then another 30-45 min after you exit and up the mountain road.

Animal sightings are always a possibility (including bears and snakes) but we didn't see any--not even a lizard. The trail is asphalt most of the way, then you hit the dirt/rocky path and you can see the falls from there...seriously--a SHORT hike just to the falls...

You can either make a day out of it and hit longer trails or make an it and afternoon relaxing by the falls. LOW on the adventure scale but *easy*. Wear good shoes-slip-risk, and sunblock (or hats, etc that you wear for prolonged sun exposure).

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