Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Dominguez Gap Wetlands, Long Beach

It is adjacent to the Los Angeles River. (which you can bike or walk along the upper asphalt trail) This is a dirt trail, along a man-made wetlands. You will notice a variety of native plants and brush, ducks and squirrels and if you are an avid bird watcher, you will recognize a variety of birds making a home here. You might catch a glimpse of a few shy turtles.

The trail is mainly flat dirt, but asphalt at the beginning...which is slightly confusing...just keep following the trail and stay on the lower one or else you will be on the concrete river bed. There are informative kiosks, which offer historical and environmental insight and information. Dogs welcome, always on leash of course and pls pick up any droppings.

Toward the end of the trail, where it u-turns, you will find a nice shady spot with concrete, 2 benches in the sun & a trash can. Great place to stop and have lunch--bring a blanket if you want to sit under the shade cover. You will also see the Metro line go by quite a few times behind the end of the trail. Kids might like that. NO restrooms. The trail was empty when we went. feel like you are in more nature than a park, but right down the street from home. Full sun, wear sunblock, hat, glasses etc. Nice breeze today. I believe the trail is about 2.2 miles round trip. The water is NOT for swimming, boating or fishing.

Today--it was SUPER CLEAN. NO trash, just a few doggy land mines. The trail is also fairly wide. Low on the *adventure scale* but high for convenience, accessibility and relaxation/peacefulness. Nice for a short respite.

The boys created a bit of adventure by exploring the utility building. They went to the top of a walk-out and climbed down a ladder to mess around. Everyone needs some adventure in their life, right?

Here is our crew for the day on a bridge that crossed from the trail side to the other, where there is no trail. Apparently, this is a flood control area, as the streets next to the river, used to flood as the river over flowed.

It was my birthday and my dear sweet friend surprised me with cupcakes with candle.

That was such a nice surprise. My oldest would return from his short term mission trip to the Philippines later this night and I had a secret surprise harboring in my heart waiting for all of us upon his return...that I was looking forward too.

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