Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Day Like That...

Starting the day early to take 12yo to state testing...Out of toothpaste. Out of peanut butter. Out of lunch meat. 6yo wet the bed. The dryer's not heating and therefore drying...Seriously considered staying in sweats for the grocery market run.#NotEvenaSweatsPerson#RealLife

These are the moments, the mornings, when your choices matter more than ever. When your perspective is paramount. Choose the blessed perspective. The grateful truths.

I put on my comfy jeans...the ones that are extra loose, my new fav, flowy pink shirt, my cozy green sweater...Sunscreen on the face, bit of foundation, eyeliner, mascara...squeeze the death out of that toothpaste tube, hair in a pony tail, flower clip to top it. 7 minute transformation!

Most of all-a smile {auto correct just changed that to 'smoke'-lolololol} & gentle spirit. Joy, love, gratitude...are more powerful than anything you face today.

These are the opportunities to make the powerful choice! It is and will continue to be a GREAT day!!!

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