Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hide & Seek

Playing a major game of hide & seek & 6yo hasn't even looked in the closet yet!

It's a Sunday afternoon...this seemed like a good idea. SO I hid in my closet and all the other kids hid while the youngest was outside in the back yard. I hollered at him to come in the house. 

He won't look in the closet! 
He kept coming into my room and looking on my bed, but not once looked in the closet. He returned to the back yard and oldest snuck  out to spy on him from the roof.

I finally had to have uncle/my brother call and tell him to *look in the closet*! Lol

He was just about to lose it crying from not being able to find me or anyone else. He walked into my room So many times and I still can't believe he never looked in the closet. Every time he left, I would holler again, for him to come in the house. It was fun while it lasted. 

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