Monday, June 22, 2015

Baby Daddy Day

This is to all of those who don't have rave reviews for a dad to celebrate today. For those who have father gaps in their hearts. Maybe you feel your childhood could never be complete because of that significant but missing piece.
Maybe your the momma and your baby daddy didn't turn out to be what you expected for the father of your children.
This isn't about making trite excuses like: no one is perfect. Or saying something spiritual like; the only perfect father is God, though true-the *idea* of that truth, isn't what fills the gaps.
There's something else quite remarkable about childhoods and parenting. See, we actually get two chances at childhood, even if you dont become a parent. Love works this way.
Everything you feel your childhood missed and lacked, can be fulfilled by being there for and giving it to another child. You weren't shown affection? Lavish it on your own children. Your childhood lacked joy? Bring, create & share joy with your children.
Don't have children? Be the mentor you never had, to another youth. Was your childhood unkind? Be gracious to the kid having a melt down at the market.
Mommas, you don't have to be daddy. Just be the good enough mommy that exemplifies love and forgiveness. Let the baby daddies answer for themselves. Be the parent that practices gratitude and grace under pressure. Take care of yourself, so you can be there to care for your people.
When you give from your own lack...its an amazing miracle the way your giving comes back to you. That's how love works. Don't waste another moment lamenting what your childhood missed or what your children are missing. Embrace your second chance and be the one there!

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