Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Hike Day-Arroyo Pescadero Trail

Be aware.

Hiking crew.

I didn't even know K was behind me. 
This hike is mild for endurance but HOT if the sun is out. It's fairly flat and stroller friendly except for some wooden stairs at the beginning BUT there is ADA access, so you can avoid the stairs all together.

Small parking lot, totally free. One porta potty that is nicely enclosed behind wooden fencing. It's regularly maintained's a porta potty, ya know? There is a drinking fountain next to it as well.

The trail IS dog friendly and there is evidence to prove it. Gross!

It was very warm when we went but we've endured worse. Do NOT expect any shade. The trail is a loop. Not very interesting but nice for a local 'hike.'

Sun block, hats and sun glasses are a must. No water features. Hydrate the day before and bring extra water. Not very picnic friendly since there is no shade.

Driving to it, it's easy to miss. There is a small green sign and if you pass it, there are no U-turns for a ways.

The hills offers some nice scenic views though. I imagine it's a nice and mild hike for fall or winter.

Low on the adventure scale. Nice for a short walk and easy drive.

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