Sunday, June 14, 2015

Church Lady-Lemon Dress

Pastor has started a new series at church on Joy. I am one of the invited speakers and this morning was my turn. However, last week, Pastor did a funny thing. At the end of his intro message, he included in his power point, a slide of me, wearing a yellow dress I had made with my facebook caption: When life gives you lemons, have a drink of water and make a yellow dress. Then announced I was speaking the following week.

I did not know he was going to share that picture and I joked that I now felt pressure to wear the dress and he joked that everyone could wear yellow on the next Sunday as well.

Being the female that I am, I did not want to wear the same dress so soon after already wearing it but I certainly didn't mind sewing a new dress for the occasion.

A trip to the fabric store and I found the perfect fabric--white cotton covered in lemons! I also created the dress in a different style than I normally sew, giving it more structure. A tank bodice and pleated skirt begin the foundation of this sunshiny bright ensemble.

I debated adding a zipper or buttons but in the name of convenience opted to go with my old stand-by: slip-on worn with a belt. Tada!

I am not sure why but every.single.picture. Birdy took this afternoon produced a lens flare, a rainbow ring around me--creating a bit of a 'fuzzy' look. Sorry.

I wore the lemon dress with my fav green cardigan (again!) with the skinny belt on top. Same diy yellow flower clip in my hair, vintage yellow shoes, white vintage purse, accented with green drop earrings and necklace. Fingernails painted yellow as well.

Snapped a quick pic post-post!
Much clearer. 

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