Thursday, June 11, 2015

Friday Hike Day-Black Star Canyon Falls

 Again, we changed up our routine and went hiking on Thursday but like we promised, we went back to last week's trail to find the water fall this time. We did not miss the sign post and I also spotted this one, near the end, to alert us we WERE on the right track, when we came to a fork in the road.

This trail is in NO way stroller friendly & unless you want to carry them in a pack, I do NOT recommend this trail for little ones at all. The trail disappears at times. It's very unpredictable. There is plenty of climbing over rocks and boulders, that can be very slippery. High on the adventure scale for that reason alone.

The environment for this trail is absolutely gorgeous. Nice and cool, plenty of shade, greenery, water at spots. I could  not in good conscious, call it *easy* though.

When we started our hike, there was a lot of dew still on the brush. As we walked by, we'd get nearly soaked since the trail is narrow. It was neat to 'wash our hands' using  leaves though.

Our  destination was the waterfall, or whatever would be left of it, given the season and the drought. We think we found it and it was just a mossy drip.

Climbing the rocks is fun. Really adds variety since it's not a flat walk. You really have to scramble over boulders.

We saw quite a few red salamanders. We didn't know what they were at first, we're used to seeing dry, grey lizards, which we saw on the fire road. The kids found them quite fascinating creatures.

The shady trail is a nice change from the long fire road at the beginning. One sign said the falls were 4.7 miles out. We weren't exactly sure but it's worth making a day out of it. The fire road is full sun and hot. It's not fun on the way back either, so pace yourself. Bring snacks and plenty of water. As always, hydrate the day before and use/wear sun protection.

See ya' next week!

This is what the trail looked like.

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