Sunday, June 7, 2015

Church Lady-Sheet Skirt

I love getting dressed up. Period. Especially for church though, I try to dress nicer than my every day wear. I am a fan of skirts, year round, but I have to wear pants and a polo shirt for my job at the tutoring center, which is almost every day.

Here, I share with you my Sunday attire.

I want to look nice, balance fashion with function and frugality.
I sew most of my dresses on Sunday mornings right before church!

I am out of dress fabric so today I pulled out a skirt I created for the first day of Spring last year.
I built this skirt from a vintage sheet. I just adore that flower print, don't you? It has flat pearl-ish buttons down the back that I did not get a shot of. 
I actually made pleats with a narrow, flat waist band. 
It's super comfortable!

I paired it with a plain black tank top, tucked in and my favorite green sweater. I love that white, vintage hand-bag that I somehow inherited from my grandmother's stash of surprises from her storage unit. I wore a set of 3 coordinating bracelets I purchased from some cheap place last summer and a green beaded bracelet someone handed down to me. In my jewelry stash I found a silver ring with a white pearly looking stone. I'm sorry you can't see it on my finger. I am also wearing a hand crafted necklace of floating white, pearl-ish looking beads, purchased from Heavenly Treasures gifted from my oldest. My earrings can't be seen but they are a lovely pair also gifted to me from my oldest.

Those shoes though! This pair of yellow vintage shoes were thrifted at least a few years ago. They actually started to separate heel from shoe but I invested in a tube of Shoe Goo & bam! Problem solved. The ankle strap is actually removable too.

See you next Sunday for my next installment. 

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