Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Black Star Canyon-Irvine

We actually went hiking on Monday this week. It's summer and we thought it might work better. This trail has FREE parking but absolutely NO restrooms. The drive isn't that bad in either direction.

It's mostly stroller friendly, in that the trail way is very wide. You could probably hack it with a jogging stroller but it's up hill all the way and going downhill all the way back is not that easy. It is partially asphalt at first and transitions into dirt with some gravel. It is dry and dusty, full sun %95 of the time. The trail, until you reach the mountain and Cleveland National Forest, is lined with a barbed wire, electrical fence on both sides with serious warning signs of being arrested for tresspassing if you cross. Careful with small children.

You can expect to see lizards, large birds/vultures. Definitely a work out. Hydrate before you go and definitely use sun protection!

Can you see that small post, that the arrow points to? Well, we didn't, not until the way down, after hiking in the full sun for at least an hour and a half.

That post has the words FALLS written on it, twice! With two arrows pointing away from the trail we were on. Yep, we totally missed it and therefor missed our real destination of Black Star Falls. It was definitely a bummer.

We want to go back and check out the falls, which include a much shadier trail. The trail to the creek bed did NOT look stroller friendly at all.

We are hoping to go back soon and find the falls.

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