Sunday, June 28, 2015

Church Lady-Polka Dot dress

Yes, my knees are showing! Gasp. For church in the morning, I wore leggings under my dress, covering my knees. I normally enjoy dancing at church and dress appropriately to do so. I want to wear dresses and skirts, not just jeans, but still be able to move freely during worship. Adding to that, we intentionally took a prayer break where most of the congregants were on their knees on the ground, myself included. All things considered, I normally dress for church with fashion AND function in mind.
However, as the afternoon progressed, the temperature and humidity began to soar. It was almost miserable. My very-soon-to-be-daughter-in-love's bridal shower was this afternoon...outside. I was not going to continue to wear leggings. Sorry!

This is one of my most favorite dresses and one of the first I made. I built it for my graduation from university in match the school colors.

I accessorized with a vintage black, multiple strand beaded necklace, matching black beaded drop earrings and my stand-by white vintage hand bag. Same old thrifted, favorite pair of heels.

I noticed a sweet friend at church was also wearing black and white but stripes. I commented how we matched and she insisted that I take and wear her polka dot bangle bracelet...which you can see on my wrist.

I seriously LOVE this dress so much!

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