Sunday, July 12, 2015

Church Lady-Casual Red Dress

I love when my daughter doesn't tell me my bangs are out of sorts. 
This is one of those dresses that you can just throw on. Literally. It feels like you walked out the door in sweats except it's a dress. Haha. I believe this is a jersey knit fabric--someone gave me the fabric years ago, then I made a dress out of it. It has a nice and easy drape to it. The deep red color can not be beat.

I paired it with an old favorite bag that features Mickey Mouse on one side. You know, my favorite open toed black heels and black skinny belt. Vintage black necklace you've seen before and beaded black drop earrings that are hidden by my hair. 

Excuse the black slip. It doesn't show when I am wearing the dress.
Now that I am intentionally paying attention...I've noticed I gravitate toward the same jewelry. HHmmm...I might have to go through my stash and toss all those pieces that I obviously never wear! 

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