Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Thurman Flats Picnic Area {revisited}, Mentone

Yes, it was THAT gorgeous!
This week we returned to Thurman Flats, the same place we went last week. This time I did NOT lock my keys in the car. Haha. We had more time to explore. Instead of following the stream downward, we went upward this time. The kids came upon this sort of man-made pool. The stream had shallow swimming holes every so often, but this one had a plastic tarp like piece of plastic over the small rock wall, creating a dam, thus producing the pool.

The water was so beautiful, nice and clear. We could not believe it. It was mostly shallow all along the edge, except for the very middle, which went to about our waists.
It didn't stop us from jumping in and of course it didn't stop all our Adventure Kids.
No one wanted to leave when it was time. The kids swam the entire afternoon. 

After posting the first pic on Instagram, many people asked where we were at and what the hike was like. This wasn't much of a hike, honestly. The picture above gives an idea of the terrain. Rocky but flat. No big hills or boulders to climb over. There are a few creek crossings. 

Adventure Moms
Of course we jumped in too. We have a video on Facebook, of course. The water was a bit shockingly cold. But none the less fun. It was quite a relaxing afternoon.

More terrain pictures. The water was shallow and if we didn't mind getting our feet wet, we could have just walked in it to get across. 
Above is another example of the terrain...a stream crossing. Reminder: parking requires a one day $5 Adventure Pass. There is a picnic area to the side of the parking lot with lots of tables and benches and also vault toilets. They are maintained but...just don't look down inside.  

I am so glad we went back. The kids swam the entire time and no one wanted to leave. I don't know how long that man made pool will remain...take advantage while you can. 

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