Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Monrovia Canyon Falls

Here are examples of the environment and the trail.

This hike was more challenging than expected. It was a hot day, though the trail has some shade, it is all uphill. I would not call this stroller friendly. Carry your child on your back in a back pack type carrier. Some parts of the trail are narrow and slippery. 

30 ft waterfall

Over all the trail is dry and dusty. There is a bit of water along the way, but the trail is not always close to it and the stream is very small...I suspect as a direct result of the drought.

The waterfall is pretty, but empties into a shallow puddle that flows to the stream you would have seen all along the trail. Parking is $5 for Monrovia Canyon Park. You can, and we did, park about .5 mile down the road in a residential area for free (read signs, watch for street sweeping days). There is also one restroom at the base of the park, first parking lot. (There may be more at the nature center.) There is also a drinking fountain with a pet fountain next to the ranger station, at the same parking lot. The water comes out hot and takes a while to cool off but it does eventually. 

I couldn't resist. Neither could my partner in crime...backbend/wheel pose on a log.
It definitely required me to let go of fear.

The park boasts a nature center. I believe it is farther up the road but we started the hike at the first marker and never found the nature center. Though I suspect we almost found it on the way back, when we took a wrong turn. 

The trail from the first parking lot is about 1.5 miles. ALL uphill remember. There are a few wooden beams...I though these were supposed to work as steps but I realize on the way down, that I think they are to help you keep from slipping.

We saw a deer and her fawn over the fence along the Sawpit Dam Trail, on the way up to the park. We also saw lizards but mountain lions and bears are a real concern...there are warning signs.

The narrow trails and stream crossings lend to a bit of adventurous feel and the steep climb scores points on the adventure scale. Over all, this was a beautiful hike and great work out. 

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