Sunday, July 19, 2015

Church Lady: Wrap Skirt to Dress

This is actually one of those layered wrap skirts that I am obssessed with adore! Each skirt comes with a booklet tag that shows all the different ways you can wear the skirt as a dress, shawl, blouse etc.

After all these years of building my collection of skirts, I've barely started to try to wear them as a dress.

I did not follow the booklet this morning but winged it--it worked! I actually found this wrap skirt at the thrift store last year.

I think it really worked because each layer was the same fabric. They are usually two different fabrics.

I pulled the top layer up and tied it at the shoulders, then wrapped the bottom layer around my waist and tied. Voila'! It's been humid, but breezy and the temps are ranging from very high to a comfortable low. Last night it was pouring rain off and on and I thought I was going to have to wear pants due to it being too cold. Well, when I awoke, it was bright, sunny and very warm. Perfect!

I paired this 'dress' with another vintage hand-bag, a very neutral light beige. I wore earrings gifted from oldest, from the Philippines. My strappy heeled sandals (that I have literally had almost 10 years!). Finally, I added a very simple and delicate beaded bracelet.

There was no way I was wearing my hair down in this wouldn't cooperate anyway. A bun works to keep it off my neck. I added a small metal and beaded flower barrett.

I'm usually more of a fan of knee-length skirts and dresses, or maxis but this midi worked for today. I encourage you to try something new. You never know when an outfit or piece that didn't work before, might work again in a different way.

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