Saturday, July 4, 2015

I Think My Angel Has Tattoos?

I was already 2 hours behind schedule, I thought I had gotten lost twice, I passed the visitor station so my sister-in-love had to go back down a ways to get an Adventure Pass (parking) top it off...before she returned and before we even began our Friday Hike Day--I LOCKED MY KEYS IN MY CAR!!!

I could not believe it. Well, isn't that everyone's response when that happens? There they sat, taunting me from the front passenger seat. Ugh. No cell service, nearly two hours from home...Every door locked and window shut.

I lay my forehead against the dirty window and prayed. With all faith, knowing there was no other solution--I KNEW God would make a way. I KNEW He would help me. Somehow, someway...because there was NO other way.

A few rangers pulled into the parking lot and parked, but none approached us. We were obviously distressed. Other cars rolled in, stared but no offers of help or check ins to see if we were ok.

My sister-in-love took apart her car sun shade and pulled out the springy wire. Middle son pulled a strip of twine out from being caught in the door and a bobbi pin. We were ready to MacGyver this!

We got the wire in the window but it was too springy to grasp the lock. I kept praying, knowing the solution would come.

Another car pulled in and a woman got out and hollered over at us, "Need some help?"
"Yah, do you have a Slim Jim?" I asked.
A guy pops his head out from the back seat, "No, but we have better tools than you."
He was right.
He spent the next hour twisting and bending a dip stick he had in his car, to make it possible to grasp the car door lock and pull it up to unlock.

Each time that wire touched the lock, I said another prayer, knowing it would grasp it. When it finally did, a huge, "THANK YOU!" escaped my lips.

I gave this shady looking guy, with the dollar sign tattoo on his hand, who I am sure I never would have spoken to in real life, the biggest hug!
"YOU were the answer to the my prayers today!" I told him.
He was so nice and not once did he even display any impatience at the situation. He was only there because his friend had forgotten his sunglasses the day before...they returned to see if they could find them.

You bet it was a divine appointment!

I was most amazed at the faith and peace I felt within me the entire time. No fear, just peace, in knowing for sure God was going to rescue me and work this situation out.
I have to ask myself WHY I don't have such faith in other areas of my life?
Especially the situations, like this one, that have NO foreseeable solution.
I don't know the answer to that myself.
I feel challenged.
Lord, increase my faith.

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  1. Maria Carreon7:21 PM

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs... You have a servant's heart ... An undying faith in the Lord that I can aspire to one day have . You make the most of what you have and it shows in the small but meaningful little things you do with your children. It is a breath of fresh air... You're not living your life for the approval of the world, but to those whom matter . Keep it up, you're doing a great job raising those kids and even if you don't know if... You are blessing others in just following your sdventures. #speakingfromtheheart


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