Sunday, July 5, 2015

Church Lady-Maxi Skirt

I went to the local fabric shop to find something to make for myself to wear on Independence Day--there was nothing. Somehow I left with this reversible polka dot-striped knit.

I thought a maxi skirt would be perfect enough for it. I prefer the polka dot side but switched it up for the waist band, which is folded down.

I wore a hot pink T. There's that white vintage hand-bag again. Flip-flops sounded good for 4th of July weekend, didn't they?

Beaded white necklace gifted from oldest, black/silver dangle earrings favorite white bracelet that you can't even see!

The extra great thing was the fabric was on sale plus I had a mobile coupon. Considering the fabric is reversible, I basically got two skirts for about $8. I sewed it together right before usual.

Later, I treated the ktbunch to an afternoon at the movies to see Inside Out. Excellent film by the way.  (and I am not a fan of kids movies)

This might be my new absolute most favorite item of clothing! It is super comfortable. Great for church if I feel like dancing in worship. It's almost like wearing sweats I think except not wearing sweats. haha.

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