Sunday, August 9, 2015

Church Lady-Mother of the Groom Blue

This isn't my typical Church Lady Sunday post. This particular Sunday was my oldest son's wedding. A very special day indeed, to put it mildly.

To honor the occasion, the rest of the ktbunch and I, all had pieces of our hair colored blue and wore blue clothing. It all worked out that way except for the youngest, who was required to wear olive green pants. I wasn't able to make him a bow tie like I hoped so all he had was the blue hair.

I made my dress, of course. I procrastinated a bit and was up very late into Sunday morning.The dress was finished but Sunday morning thought I would do a few more adjustments which was a bad idea. Haha. I had to UNDO every adjustment I tried to make on Sunday morning...Yep--pretty much: if it ain't broke, don't fix it-type of situation.

I felt proud of that belt I made though. It ended up being the easiest piece to accomplish. This dress also included a lining, which I absolutely hate having to make. It's like making another dress that no one gets to see so it feels like a waste, though I know it's necessary.

It may be hard to tell in these pictures but the dress is an ombre blue, lighter at the top and darker at the bottom. I accessorized with a layered beaded necklace in various shades of blue that I found last minute from...ahem...Walmart, for $5. I know-I'm sorry, I was desperate. The earrings were from another cheap store in the mall.

I actually purchased three different necklaces in total. Sigh. In the end I was afraid this one disappeared into the color of the dress too much but I accepted it as is and all was well. The day wasn't about ME anyway, right? :-)

I also found these adorable floral print shoes at another cheap store for $10. I was about to give up or purchase a pair of blue sandal like heels that I wasn't %100 keen on when I saw these as I walked away from the shoe section. They actually have highlights of the same blue in the floral motif and I knew a soon as I saw them, they were THEE ones.

No bracelet. That's my old stand by neutral tan vintage hand bag.

Mother-Son reception dance.

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