Thursday, August 13, 2015

Super Tutor Thursday: Rechenka's Eggs

My DIY Babushka inspired costume.
This week's costume was inspired by the book Rechenka's Eggs. We did language arts and math exercises with worksheets related to the story.

A few of the exercises we did this week were:

We reviewed parts of speech by going through the story picking out nouns, verbs and adjectives.

We created math equations on a page of egg outlines, numbers and  symbols were each written in individual egg shapes.

We came up with the equations by rolling a giant sized dice. If a larger number was rolled first, it would be a subtraction equation. If a smaller number is rolled first, it would be an addition equation.

They also used a worksheet of egg shapes to fill in the missing numbers, counting up to 100.

Bird theme sensory bin, inspired by somtehing I saw somewhere online.
The students drew pictures of their favorite part of the story, which predominantly was the end...when a little goose hatches from a wondrous egg.

At one point I was having the students chant and repeat: a noun is a person, place or thing. I then asked each student individually to repeat the phrase on their own. The first cutie chants, "A noun is a person plays and sings." Haha! I obviously needed to clarify.

I used the same bird themed sensory bin as last week. It worked out that way. The base is birdseed and there are a few fake birds, bird houses, feathers, fake flowers and berries with small owl buttons hidden among the seed.

The last thing I did to end this week, was have all the students sit with me on the floor, as I read the book to them. It was a peaceful ending to another busy week.

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