Sunday, September 6, 2015

Church Lady: Another Hand-me-down Dress

I think what I like most about this dress is the split sleeve. It boasts a black design with small bits of color (you can't see them unless you are close up) and yellow flowers.

Again with the leggings (aka: work out capris--that I am beginning to feel resentful toward. Just thought you should know).

I pulled out my vintage yellow shoes, but I think this may be the last time I will be able to wear them. They are shredding to pieces. Boohoo!

I accessorized with yellow drop earrings and after these pictures, two red bracelets. 

Last but not least, the floral print vintage hand bag. It turned out to be hotter than yesterday. It's September, what else can we expect.

Do you have any tips to  keeping cool while still dressing fashionable and appropriate?

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