Friday, September 4, 2015

Propel Womens Conference

Filled to capacity...3000 women.
I was blessed to be invited to this conference, last minute by my sweet friend, Jen. I had no idea what it would be like...and I was giving up a Friday Hike Day for it! I went with hear a personal Word from the Lord. He did not disappoint. 

So grateful for this thoughtful friend.
It's a little scary, to tell the truth, being at an event with 2998 other women I don't know. I figured there were women in attendance that I actually did know and I was right...confirmed thanks to my instagram feed. haha.
Seriously though. SO easy to get caught up in all the female insecurities when I begin to focus on the falsity of comparison. All these other women, stylish, beautiful, fashionable, taller, thinner, trendier, happier...the list goes on. It's overwhelming. Easy to give into it and shrink back into myself-which is exactly the opposite of what was being shared from the stage. Thank goodness!

It's amazing how one bad report can keep an entire generation from their destiny. ~ Christine Caine
 Instead, there were life giving and affirming messages of hope and leadership. Christine Caine started it out and whoa--I was full and ready to go home after hearing her. She is funny and honest and inspniring, to put it mildly.
What I got most from her, the theme of the entire conference, was that we are ALL called to leadership. This sounds controversial, within the church when it comes to females--but the truth each speaker conveyed, was if you are e believer in Jesus Christ, you are called to lead people to Christ...from wherever you are!
I think we can all agree with that.
She was so humble about it though, actually being the one ON the stage, speaking to us. She admitted the only difference between her and us, was that she may have gotten more support. True. 
Her advice for that was to PRAY! Pray for favor. Pray for change within churches so that all women will be empowered to operate in her individual giftings and talents. 

When we learn how to feast, we will stop faking... ~ Beth Moore
 The messages were all so validating. It's not that one type of leadership is better than another. A woman on the stage or behind the pulpit is not more important or more of a leader than the traditional stay at home mom or a woman in the market place. We are all called to live like Christ and share our faith, wherever Christ has called us to serve. one is not above or below, better or worse than the other.

I believe THAT is the message of empowerment for women within the church and in community. The answer to women having sincere relationships is support not competition and condemnation. Instead, supporting each other where we are. No need to feel condemned or ashamed or put down because we are on different paths or in different places in life, ministry and marketplace.

If older people stop dreaming, they will never inspire vision in younger people. ~Brian Houston 
 Brian Houston is Christine Caine's pastor. It is refreshing to see a male leader be so supportive of females. I will admit I tend to be biased and skeptical given my background and experience with male dominated leadership. I felt extremely frustrated and even hopeless for real change at times. 
THis conference though, was positive. I want to remember to focus on that. We can all continue to pursue Christ and pray for those who may block our pursuits of God's will for our lives. 
We must remember we can not change anyone or anything on our own, only God can.

...women being in leadership is not a right but a DUTY. ~ Dr. Haylee Gray Scott
We have a duty to those that come after us, to continue to pursue God's will for our lives, regardless of challenges or obstacles we face. The messages were validating for where I am It's ok to be who you are, right where you are. It's also time to move forward and let of the negative and hurtful events, situations, lies and oppression of the past. It no longer has a hold on us. Great reminder not to go back there. Embrace who GOD says you are and keep pursuing that!

I left feeling amazing. I felt so affirmed. There was a personal prophetic word given as well. I knew it was coming. I knew what it would be and be about as soon as Christine Caine began to share that she had a word. I closed my eyes and raised my hand as instructed, as uncontrollable tears ran down my cheeks. Again, God speaking to and IN to my heart, in the deepest places and deepest desires to remind me that HE is in control. I am not forgotten and neither are the desires of my heart. He knows all. He is here, always.

If there is a Propel Women's Conference coming to your area--PLEASE ATTEND!!! 

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