Thursday, September 3, 2015

Friday Hike Day: {on Thursday} Signal Hill

The beginning of the trail at the base of  Hilltop Park.
 Having a last minute change of plans on Friday meant hiking locally on Thursday. We headed to a park, known for it's hill top views, just a 10-15 minute drive away.

There is a restroom, since there is a park. The trails leads from the park, through a neighborhood and features historical kiosks/plaques chronicling the beginnings and roots of the city.

You will also find sculptural artwork and plenty of stone benches offering amazing vistas. On a clear day, you can get an almost 360 degree view, from the beach and port, out to the city and skyscrapers.
The NO stroller trail.
I hadn't noticed this part of the trail before...there is a mark on the ground that calls it: Signal Hill Trail Ways System...or something like that. My phone is tweeking and it has erased all my pictures. These are all I have left because they posted to FB. So sorry and such a bummer.

This particular part of the trail also hosts a sign that specifically states NO strollers. Sorry mommas.

The other part of the trail, that starts at the green gate pictured above does not have stroller restrictions. It features a wider, dirt path, then continues into the neighborhood via street and sidewalk.
I never tire of this view.
Hilltop Park has become one of my most favorite local places since discovering it a few years ago. I can't get enough of the view.

This is more like a walk than a hike but there are hills. The trail also features some work-out stops with bars and a kiosk of suggested exercises. This is not a challenging course except maybe for the hills and if you attempt it late morning/mid-day during a standard California heat way. Right?

We saw a few tiny lizards--kids always enjoy seeing animals. We've also seen hawks flying above, in the past too.

See you next week. Start the day outside!

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