Sunday, October 18, 2015

Church Lady: Simple sweater and Skirt

It's been a long weekend so far. Busy times with my middles. I woke up tired so I kept it simple. I have this exact same skirt in a matte black fabric...but I promise this is a different skirt. haha. This one is shiny and has fine lines in the fabric. 

I chose this simple purple sweater. Easy peasy, no fuss. No layers, like I usually wear.
I have had these wedges? heels? sandals? for years! They are one of my favorite shoes to wear...for short periods of time that do not require much walking. Perfect for church! 

I guess I could have curled my hair...if I wasn't running so slow and then late to begin with...and if my brain hadn't been so foggy to even think of it. I thought I was doing well enough by getting make-up on.

I wore a pair of drop purple earrings from my earring supplier friend from church who gives me earrings by the handful and a beaded bracelet hand-me-down from my aunt with a necklace that must have been gifted to me? I think.

A simple but classy look, Even on slow days, it doesn't take much to dress nicely for yourself. It was great that the weather had cooled a bit so it almost felt like fall and I could actually wear this sweater.

What's your simple go-to outfit on slower days?

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