Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Sturtevant Falls & Upper Falls Trail

We returned to the upper falls trail since our hiking partners had not gone with us last time. We went further up the trail. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous this time of year. The weather started foggy and humid. Hard to tell if it was cold or warm but it was slightly sticky.

I must say though, temperature and humidity aside...this hike was absolutely GORGEOUS! This trail usually is, but something about today made it feel extra so. I did not want to leave. I kept breathing deeply, as if I could somehow fill my lungs enough to hold the memories and positive ions until our next hike.

These first few pictures give you an idea of the upper trail. It is rocky and narrow at points and remember, it's above the falls, so yes, it is high. It's not like there is a guard rail or anything. It's safe as long as you are careful and cautious. Hot shots beware. 

The trail twists and turns at times. It's narrow and wider at points. There is plenty of green along the creek beds...pretty much where there used to be water is now filled in with fresh growth.

After we had lunch along the upper trail we headed back down and decided to hike to the falls as well. The water was refreshing and higher than I expected though still low. It was flowing well, maybe due to recent rains. The water depth went above our knees.

Midway through our adventure, it started sprinkling for a brief period and later on our way back to the car. By then it had really cooled down though. 

It was cool enough at times to wear a sweater though I am usually very cold, I was ok. It's been fascinating visiting familiar hikes during a different season. Fall has got to be the pretties with all it's color changing.

A few reminders: this hike requires an Adventure parking pass which can be purchased for $5 (for the day or $30 for the year) at the liquor store off the freeway exit or at many gas stations and visitor centers. This area is popular and the parking lot tends to fill quickly. There are vault toilets...use at your own nasal risk. The biggest warning I can offer is the asphalt road that leads into the woods; it's downhill on the way in and that means it's all up hill on the way back, when you're tired.

The upper trail will in NO way accommodate strollers. The trail to the falls may if you are adventurous. You can however, venture quite a ways in with a stroller. That means you're pushing back up that asphalt road, so keep that in mind.

We didn't see much animal life this time around. We did see nice butterflies. Last time there was a bear sighting (not by our party) and another time I saw a snake crossing the trail. This time nothing.

I hope you really enjoy the hike. Go early, and don't forget the usual: dress in layers, sunscreen and plenty of water. 

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