Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Wilderness Park, Arcadia

Road closed?

We were headed back to Sturtevant Falls upper trail, since the guys hadn't ever hiked that trail. Unfortunately we did not expect the road to the mountain to be closed! We weren't the only ones to drive up and become dumb-founded upon this scene. The reception was poor but I had noticed a sign on our way up that read Wilderness Park.

We had no other option but to check it out.

Stuffed fox at the small nature center.

The wilderness park is NOT open on weekends except by reservation/appointment only. The employee stated the trail is about .5 a mile around. There are picnic tables/areas. There is a very tiny, one room, 'nature center' that features stuffed dead animals on display and a few live snakes in terrariums.
There are also restrooms and free parking.

To enter the park parking lot, you must drive your car over a very narrow opening bridge. 

Whoa these steep stairs.
Thought the trail is short, there are steep parts like pictured above with awkward stairs. It definitely provides a warm mini-work out. Surrounding the park is a chain link fence. There was a gate that was open that appeared to lead to a trail but we did not explore it any further and stayed within the fenced areas.

Adventure moms!

The trail eventually leads to an open grassy area with a stone amphitheater, semi-covered picnic area and more restrooms. We sat here for lunch and relaxed while the kids kept themselves busy running around for a game of hide and seek. (apparently, even teens aren't too old for hide and seek in the woods! haha!)

We rate it low on the adventure scale but it was a nice place to chill. In a pinch, we wouldn't complain. Stroller friendly if you stay to the left of the trail which seemed flat and easy, possibly stroller friendly. The trail is short enough that youngers can walk it but use caution on those steep make shift stairs.

Definitely not worth the drive for us on it's own, but since the road up the mountain was closed, better than driving all the way back home with out a hike. 

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