Sunday, October 4, 2015

Church Lady: Black & White Separates

I am totally NOT a fan of black. I am not sure why but I really don't like wearing all black, and even less so to Sunday morning church. It was cool this morning and somehow I thought, if I wore a sweater, it could force Fall to act like Autumn. 

Not California Autumn, but the Autumn other states experience where you get to wear gloves or a coat or at least a scarf and drink hot drinks while taking walks crunching brown leaves. 
I mean...isn't that what people in other states do during Autumn?

Instead, I got a little too warm at church during worship and needed to toss my hair up in a make-shift mom-bun. Of course! 

This is one of my favorite sweater shirts. It has a mock undershirt. Paired with a black skirt (I have this exact same skirt in a shiny fabric too!) that I added a hand-me-down white belt worn over the waist. I never used to tuck my shirts in but would wear shirts over the waist of skirts and jeans. At least with skirts, I think it's much more flattering to wear them tucked in unless the skirt waist is too low.

Accented as well with a few pieces of white jewelry and the same white vintage hand-bag that just seems to go so well with everything. Even the white feathery flower clip in my hair was a hand-me-down.
I needed to add some once again, cheap floral print shoes from my son's wedding.

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