Sunday, November 22, 2015

Church Lady: Navy Blue Fail

Do you like this outfit? You can't see the FAIL in these pix but I'll share it with you anyway. Here you have one of my go-to reversable, wrap skirts. I wore it reversed so you only see one layer of fabric, not how I usually wear them; that reveals a shorter layer on top.

I proceeded to get ready for church as usual. Found this navy blue shirt that appeared to match nicely and was comfortable. I like the split shoulder sleeve.

Here's wear it started to go bad. I usually *always* dress in layers, as in %99 of the time I wear a tank top under my shirt. Today, I didn't.

I have my jewelry, vintage purse..can't tell if it's going to be cool or warm but whatever.

I arrive at church and step out of the car. My daughter exhibits a sudden look of concern.
"Mom! Your shirt is totally see-through!"
What the-what!?! 
Yah. SO apparently, though this shirt was a dark navy blue color, the fabric was light weight enough to be completely sheer in the sun! The ONE time I don't wear a tank under, OF COURSE!

I walk in and whisper to my friend, asking if my shirt is see through. She says no. So it was ok indoors but I can't get over my insecure feeling now and keep my arms in front of me the whole time. I finally break down and ask my daughter to change shirts with me since she is wearing a hoodie.

Perfect, except since she was wearing a hoodie and it had gotten warmer, her shirt was sweaty! Oh well. I exchanged one insecurity for another. Haha.

As we used to say in highschool, "But...I looked good!"

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