Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Oneill Regional Park

I saw a very fluffy tailed rabbit hop up the side of this hill.

Even though we are camping Thanksgiving weekend, that didn't stop me from indulging in my regular Friday Hike Day. I did not take one of the known and marked trails. I followed along the edge of the campground and by the ravine. 
A little bit of water in the ravine.

This park is great! It features a nature center, open on Saturdays and by appointment, a play ground, day use and campground sites. It's $5 entrance and parking fee. There are numerous trails of varying lengths you can hike. There rae plenty of real restrooms that are maintained & kept clean.
Check out these blonde beauties.

I went solo for my  morning hike and came across the equestrian campsites. These beauties turned their heads from me. Haha. I guess they aren't 'morning people.'
This tree has gorgeous green moss growing on it.

It was a cool and later rainy day. I love this park. It's like a hidden get-away in the middle of suburbia. There are lots of hikers and cyclists that enjoy what this park offers. You may come across wild life. Depending on the weather, use sun protection. There are paved roads that can accommodate bikes or strollers but won't give you as much of the woodsy feel. It's beautiful this time of year (Autumn) as most places are anyway. Low on the adventure scale but still quite enjoyable.

See you next Friday!

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